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Pete & Terri Jorgensen: Vertical Alignment, CPR,  Starship Prog
Capt. Thunder &
Cmdr. Khatru

Lenna Pauley: Radiant Flow Internet Radio
Lt. Cmdr. Harmony

Monty Pierce: Vertical Alignment

Chief Engineer Montego

Rachel Jorgensen

Lt. Tyrsia

Melody Hope Jorgensen

Ensign Melody

to boldly go where no one with half a brain would dare...

Explore the Progiverse with us!

Internet Radio From Outer Space!

*New!* Read the short that started it all, "Voyage of the Neophyte" by Pete Jorgensen. Inspired by the bands of CPR.

~Signposts~ by Vertical Alignment

Starship Prog flies again!

The good Starship has come out of spacedock for the premier of the new release "Signposts" by Vertical Alignment. The show was simulcast on May 12, 2006. But never fear, if you misssed the show there, we are making it available *here* in the Show Archives section of our website. Download it now into *your* portable music machine and take Starship Prog with you wherever you are in the galaxy!

In the far distant future through a Progiverse only imagined by mere mortals, Starship Prog travels the spaceways in search of Music and Adventure. There, she meets other great ships of music and prepares to expand the horizons of *your* artistic appreciation.

Join CaptainThunder and Commander Khatru along with Lt. Commander Harmony, Chief Engineer Montego, Lt. Tyrsia, Ensign Melody, Admiral Stephens, and many special guests in the most unique progressive rock Internet radio show ever heard in this space-time continuum.

I'm Rachel's pet rat and I listen to Starship Prog!
I smell a rat and I think she's listening to Starship Prog!
Topaz listens to Internet Radio from Outer Space.

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